Q. What is a typical day for the campers at Sports Mania? Smarter Kids Code Tech Camp?
A: Sports Mania: 9-9.30 drop off, 9.30-10 warm up, 10-12 sport focus, 12-1 lunch/free choice, 1-3 afternoon sports/activities.
A: Smarter Kids Code: 9-9.30 drop off, 9.30-11.15 morning instruction, 11.15-12 free play, 12-1 lunch, 1-2.15 afternoon instruction, 2.15-3 free play.

Q. What is a “Sports Extravaganza”?
A: The “Sports Extravaganza” term is unique to Sports Mania. It allows campers to basically create their own week of fun! Your child can sign up for the sport or activity of his/her choosing. With 2 sessions in the morning, and 2 more in the afternoon, kids can choose up to 20 different fun filled sports and activities per week! We have qualified coaches, numerous special guests, and professionals in their field, leading the activities so the campers can have fun, and learn!

Q. Where is the drop off and pick up located on the Paul Revere campus? Is there Before/After Care available?
A: The drop off and pick up for all camps is located at the gym. You can enter on Allenford and drive straight back toward the center of campus. CAMP HOURS: Drop off: 9:00 am, Pick up: 3:00 pm*. *Before and after care can be scheduled on a prearranged basis. Please discuss with camp director at morning drop-off or email us at info@sportsmaniacamp.com, 310.289.2111. Additional fees may apply.

Q. Do the Smarter Kids Code Tech campers stay inside all day?
A: Tech campers are either at/around the computer lab, gym or in the lunch area during the day. They can also join special activities on Wednesdays with the sports campers. On Wednesdays from 1-3 pm we offer activities such as tie dye, water slides and other super-fun games.

Q. How are the campers divided into groups?
A: Campers are grouped according to age and ability. If you are participating at Sports Mania with a group of friends and would like to be together, we will do our best to accommodate you. Tech Camp campers are usually grouped by age or grade, but definitely with their friends.

A: Sports Campers will participate in water games all day. Make sure your camper has extra clothes and/ or a bathing suit. Campers also tie-dye – so send something white… t-shirts or pillow cases turn out GREAT! Tech Campers participation is always optional, but we hope they will because it’s awesome!

Q. What to bring to either Sports Camp? Smarter Kids Code Tech Camp?
A: Water bottle with camper’s name attached, Snack, Lunch, Hat, Personal Sunscreen Stick (so lotion doesn’t get in the eyes!), Something to Tie Dye on Wednesdays! (And clothes that are ok to get WET!)
A: Water bottle with camper’s name attached, Snack, Lunch, Email Address for tech app sign-up. For special Wednesday afternoon activities: Personal Sunscreen Stick, a white t-shirt to Tie Dye, clothes that are ok to get WET and a change of clothes. (Water activities are optional!!)