SmarterKidsCode – Coding & Tech Camp at Paul Revere MS


Campers at our Smarter Kids Code Technology Camps range in age from 8 – 14 years and are engaged with a combination of fun technical learning and free play time. Free play can be either in/around the Tech Lab or kids can choose to participate in any of the sports camp activities for a great Mind-Body balance! The programs are designed to provide kids the opportunity to develop specific abilities in a positive and nurturing environment. Sports Mania Camps and Smarter Kids Code Technology Camps offer summer experiences rich in fun, learning and friendship!

Special note: For those 5th graders or new incoming students out there, We encourage parents to take advantage of the excellent opportunity for you and your child to explore the Paul Revere campus. Give your child a head start on the next three years by signing up for aSmarterKidsCode technology camp session today!

Cost of Week : $395.00

*Before / After Care Available- everyday – $75 per family
*Hot Lunch Available – Mon, Wed, Fri

Summer 2017 Available Dates:

1. June 26-30: Coding Basics
2. July 5-7: Coding & Animation (*Discounted short week)
3. July 10-14: Coding & Video Games
4. July 17-21: Game Creation with a Game Engine
5. July 24-28: Learn to be a Game Designer!


Address: Paul Revere MS. 1450 Allenford Ave. Los Angeles CA 90049.

richard-brous-hs-smallSmarterKidsCode Camp Director – Richard Brous

Richard has partnered with Sports Mania Camp for the last two summers to teach fun filled, yet educational classes around coding and technology.

He earned his computer science degree from LMU and is a veteran of DreamWorks Feature and TV Animation and Electronic Arts – Los Angeles, with credits on many popular video game titles.

Richard also currently teaches 3 coding classes for PEP, the after school program at Paul Revere. He is finishing up his second year with PEP, having taught 150 kids so far! He lives in Pacific Palisades with his wife and two sons.

Richard’s passion for programming and desire is to share this extraordinary skill and way of thinking with kids. “I hope to inspire them to begin their own coding journeys and adventures.” Richard recently was quoted saying for a Palisades Post feature article. Give your Child the head-start they deserve by learning to code and explore technology with RICHARD BROUS and SmarterKidsCode!

What To Expect

Are your kids crazy for Coding and Technology?
The SmarterKidsCode curriculum of coding, animation, and game creation is just what you and your kids are looking for! These skills are important to know as kids grow older in our technology heavy world, to enable any digital pursuit.

Programming has become mainstream, and kids are excited about it!
SmarterKidsCode believes that kids can and should learn the fundamentals of coding and technology at a younger age. Early introduction facilitates the benefits of creative, logic and problem-solving skills.

We can help your child get a head start! Our mission is to help kids develop computational problem solving skills – which require logic and creativity – then apply that thinking into writing code. All the while demystifying the technology they interact with every day.

We believe that developing this way of thinking sets the foundation for more advanced learning, which then allows kids to springboard into different and more complex technical activities.

Coding Basics (June 26-30)
Learn the basics of coding by creating web applications using the JavaScript programming language. Students will start to code right away on day 1. As each concept is taught, a project is coded to reinforce it. At the end of the week, your child will have several coding projects to demo and share with family and friends. Students will need a valid email address to sign up for their own coding tools.

Coding & Animation (July 5-7) (* Discounted Short Week)
Ever wonder how animation works in a computer? How it was translated from old school hand drawing to running at super high resolution at blistering frame rates? This class discusses how animation migrated to technology with coding exercises focused on these concepts. This is the spring-board to learning how to code video games! Students will need a valid email address to sign up for their own coding tools.

Coding & Video Games (July 10-14)
Video games are all about creating alternative worlds inside a computer that users can play in. How do worlds get created out of 0’s and 1’s? This class teaches you how to create a basic world with objects that you can control in various ways. Leave this class with a template that can be used to create almost any 2D game! Students will need a valid email address to sign up for their own coding tools.

Game Creation with a Game Engine (July 17-21)
When game programmers don’t have the time to code a world from scratch, they use a game engine to accelerate their work. A game engine is an application that allows you to quickly create virtual worlds and start playing in them right away. Students will create one of various types of games within our game engine of choice. Students will need a valid email address to sign up for their own game engine account.

Learn to be a Game Designer! (July 24-28)
Ever wonder what it takes to design a game? What steps do game creators take before they start to make their game? This class hits all the basics of game design, then kids create their own games from their ideas! We use several game creation applications, which allow for quick prototyping of ideas. Students will need to provide a usb thumbdrive on Friday (last day of class) to take home their work.